Princess Cruises’ Grand underwent a comprehensive refurbishment in May 2022 in Vigor Shipyard, Portland, Oregon.

Elevators and lobbies received new flooring and wall cladding, while marble replacement adorned public areas. The embarkation area for tenders saw a complete overhaul with new flooring, ceiling, and wall cladding. Other highlights include cladding for guest corridors, marble upgrades in suite bathrooms, and retiling of guest public restrooms. Crew corridors and the medical center saw new vinyl flooring.

The Horizon Court received a ceiling replacement, and both the Calypso and Neptune Pools were refurbished with new coatings, flooring, and amenities. Additional projects included upgrading the Bridge pantry to meet USPH standards and installing new compensation tanks for the Neptune Pool. The Horizon Court was completely retiled, and the Sports Court underwent flooring refurbishment.