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Job Title:Marine Installation Engineer

Job Description: Manage coordination, overall integration of technical safety activities in engineering projects including work specifications provided by sales team. Direct, review, approve safety of project engineering changes. Write procedural methods for installation, loading activities of marine repairs. Confer with management, sales staff, discuss project specifications, procedures. Implement conformity policies for cruise lines project proposals. Negotiate, prepare project specifications. Interface marine, repair service teams, engineering groups, project managers for work order, approve hiring external contractors. Approve budgets, bids, contracts prepared by sales teams, engineers. Supervise engineers, project managers. Develop, implement engineering policies, ensure compliance with marine standards, marine engineering procedures and deck work.

Position Requirements: Bachelors of Science in Engineering, 2 years’ exp. as Marine Installation Engineer preparing project specifications, developing and implementing engineering installation procedures.

Submit resume by mail to: P. Manzoli, Cruise Trading and Services, LLC, 13181 NW 43rd Ave, Opa-Locka, FL 33054.